July 31, 2015

Workman’s Comp Proposal

Amazing DJ Service

  • State of the art sound

    • 2 Subwoofers, 4 Cabinet Tops

  • Dance Contests, Giveaways, Selfie Contests

    • We have our own promo merchandise to give but if you have some or the client does we can give those away too in a fun way that gets guests involved!

  • Interactive DJs

    • Dancing with guests, teaching line dances, etc.

    • Encouraging guests to tweet and post about Marriott with digital applications. 


  • We will uplight the main dancefloor to help create a fun party atmosphere.


Music Video and Social Projection

  • We have a library of thousands of music videos that we will project that mix insync with the music.

  • We also have a social overlay in which we will encourage guests to post about the event using #hashtags that will allow us to find their post and project it, Live!

  • Selfie-Contests can be posted and we can take song requests with this technology.  We can project our guests photos and posts in real time using a common hashtag.

  • Your company gets talked about in a positive way and builds your following!

flyboost bar

In addition to the projections..

  • We have an illuminated DJ booth with a 50” TV that we will also show the music videos and social feed on.

  • The booth lights up and flashes to the music.

  • This looks much better than any normal dj setup on a 6 foot table.

Our Booth (Instead of a couple, we would show music videos and social posts from guests)

Videographer & Pics Included

  • We like to document our events so we are willing to share our video edit and pictures. You are welcome to share this with your clients and on any social media you wish.
  • The video and pictures are of professional quality. A great freebie when you work with us.

Check out our last recap video at the Marriott

We had a great time shutting it Down with the guests at Orlando World Center Marriott ! Check this out! #poolparty #fun #kids #marriott #gdfr #music #DJS #shutdownproductions

Live Drummer

  • Although there’s no band this year we don’t have to completely eliminate that element.
  • In addition to being an awesome DJ, Immanuel is a very talented Drummer.
  • We enjoy mixing it up for a performance called “Drummer & DJ”. BJ mixes and scratches the songs while Manny bangs along on the drums. Its really amazing to watch and we are willing to do this on the biggest night of the conference.

Drummer & DJ Performance


  • We are offering to do all of these amazing services for $3750.
  • You already know what to expect when we DJ but add in the new technology, lighting ambiance, and drums for an even more memorable experience for your guests.
  • Imagine hundreds of your guests tweeting and posting pictures of themselves having fun and promoting the marriott brand. Social word of mouth is one of the biggest helpers or killers in business in this day and age.  Our techonlogy and interactive experience will encourage you guests to talk about you and your hotels. (in a good way)
  • Its simply a whole new experience that you’re guest have never seen before and will never forget.

  • Once the week is over, share our pictures and video to get the people talking, liking your pages, and building up the anticipation for next year.

  • Let’s not just do ok with the entertainment this year, let’s “SHUT IT DOWN!”